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Jimmy & Jimmy Films based in Mumbai is one of the well-working production companies in India. The Company is producing and distributing (mostly) a good number of Videos, Films and Documentaries annually.

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The multi-faceted Jimmies wears many caps with ease. We areacclaimed directors and one of the most influential men in the Punjabi industry today.


We have a team of proffesionals from bollywood and pollywood to kick start any kind of feature film with in any kind of budget.


Vast experience in Event managment with well known bollywood personalities makes us wonderful performer. Ask for any kind of event anywhere.


Fashion photography to any kind of still photography in which you will get creative and world class pictures. We have all stuff to handle.

We are Jimmy and Jimmy Films

A film production house based in Mumbai, Jimmy and Jimmy was founded in 2012 and ever since, the company has been on a steady growth curve in the sphere. We have a simple philosophy - Find some great talent and make some great movies. Movies that we love. Movies that you love. Movies that we will all remember.

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A film production house based in Mumbai, Jimmy & Jimmy Films was founded in 2012 and ever since, the company has been on a steady growth curve in the sphere of other picture production and distribution. Jimmy & Jimmy Films has branched itself into other domains of production as well, and currently parents Film Production, VFX - special effects, and Multi-media Equipment management.

Residing in Mumbai, Jimmy & Jimmy Films is among India's premier visual effects companies. Set-up back in 2012 by Jimmy R Bali and Jimmy R Punj, with the sole vision of bringing uncompromising creativity and a commitment to developing innovative technology for Indian cinema, the studio has carved a niche for itself in the visual effects arena.

Having worked on groundbreaking visual effects for serials and videos like Savdhan India, Dicovery 96 the company continues to push the envelope with each project and cement its reputation for cutting edge visual effects with its repertoire of work.

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Jimmy and Jimmy Films headed by Rahul Bali and Pawan Punj is a company that is surging ahead in the global entertainment industry.

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Suppose then that such rings were produced in a medium without friction as the ether is believed to be, they would be permanent structures with a variety of properties.

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Baaj Movie Shoot

Jimmy and Babbu Mann
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Video Shoot

Jimmy and Dhillon
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Movie Meeting

Rahul bali and Arshad varshi
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Gurpreet Ghuggi and Rahul Bali
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CSS3 Animation

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CSS3 Animation

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CSS3 Animation

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CSS3 Animation

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WordPress Theme Dev

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Web Designing

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HTML5 Project


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If the ether be the boundless substance described, it is clear it can have no form as a whole, and if it be continuous it can have no minute structure. If not constituted of atoms or molecules there is nothing descriptive that can be said about it.

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Feature Film

A molecule or a particular mass of matter could be identified by its form, and is thus in marked contrast with any portion of ether, for the latter could not be identified in a similar way. One may therefore say that the ether is formless.

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One might infer already that if the ether were structureless, physical laws operative upon such material substances as atoms could not be applicable to it, and so indeed all the evidence we have shows that gravitation is not one of its properties.

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